Transmara Sugar Company

Transmara are a sugar refinery company in Kenya. They asked us to work on an ident that was fresh vibrant and Ethnic.

Big Bead Little Bead

Big Bead Little Bead are an online bead company. We were asked to design an ident for them that reflected their companies cool and contemporary online presence.


Kenago are an Afro agriculture company based in Sub Saharan Africa. We were asked to design and create an ident for the that captured the spirit of their ethos.

Project Bellissimo

A new yacht will be going into production early next year. The ships owners needed a logo that the staff and all associated on the build of this massive boat could unite under. Project Bellisimo!


Asian plastics company needed a contemporary look and feel to their expanding corporation. Strong use of Helvetica did the trick on this one!

Seachange Capital

Investment banking newcomers needed an ident that would sit well along side their competitors. We came up with this conservative yet bold approach that has worked for them.